Art from the Holy Island of Lindisfarne
Danny Dagan, the man behind LindisART, holding one of his creations.

About LindisART

LindisART was born from the passion of Holy Island local Danny Dagan. Danny has been living on the island since 2017 and has been capturing and sharing images of its beautiful landscapes, landmarks and daily life ever since, including in his popular live Lindisfarne Castle webcam.

The process

Danny takes hundreds (probably thousands) of images to capture the essence of the island. Many end up on the cutting floor, and a small minority is then chosen as suitable for the hours of work required to process them into works of art. The example below is an image of one of the Pilgrim’s Way refuge boxes, which was then filtered and distilled so that it is just right as an artistic creation that reflects the essence of our special Holy Island landscapes and, in this case, the Pilgrim’s Way.

Artisitc rendering